1 & 2 Peter

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The Christian's Hope, in a time of Trial.
I. Suffering & Security: Joy. 1Peter 1 (v.1-9)
II. Suffering & the Scriptures: Holiness (v.10-25)
III. Suffering & the Suffering of Christ:
A. Separation - 1Peter 2
B. Conduct - 1Peter 3
C. Obedience - 1Peter 4
IV. Suffering & the Second Coming of Christ:
A. Service & Hope - 1Peter 5 (v.1-4)
B. Humility & Patience (v.5-14)
The Christian's Knowledge of Christ,
in a time of Apostasy.
I. ADDITION of Christian Graces:
Gives Assurance. 2Peter 1 (v.1-14)
II. AUTHORITY of the Scriptures:
Attested by Fulfilled Prophecy (v.15-21)
Brought in by False Teachers. 2Peter 2
IV. ATTITUDE Toward Return of the Lord:
a Test of Apostates. 2Peter 3 (v.1-4)
V. AGENDA of God for the World:
A. Past world (v.5,6)
B. Present world (v.7-12)
C. Future world (v.13)
VI. ADMONITION to Believers (v.14-18)
[Above outlines adapted from J.V.McGee.]

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