Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

by C.I. Scofield
Table of Contents

0 - Introduction
1 - The Jew, The Gentile, & The Church
2 - The Seven Dispensations (Text)
3 - The Two Advents [of Christ]
4 - The Two Resurrections [of dead men]
5 - The Five Judgments
6 - Law and Grace
7 - The Believer's Two Natures
8 - The Believer's Standing and State
9 - Salvation and Rewards
10 - Believers and Professors

NOTE: The subjects touched in Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth are also covered in the Bible Study Outlines, Volume 3 by the same author. While the material in the two publications is very similar, there would be profit in doing an initial study in one publication and then reviewing the subject in the other. Both publications can be accessed via the Resource Menu.

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by C.I. Scofield
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