The King James Bible Companion

by David W. Daniels, B.A., M.Div.
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Where there is more than one meaning for a word, the one that applies will be apparent by the context of the verse. It is common that words have more than one meaning, depending on the way they are used. No attempt is made here to provide every possible meaning, but rather to give the meaning that applies to its usage in the Scriptures.

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Why do we need ''Thee'' and ''Thou''?

OT Weights and Measures

Abase Make or bring low; to humble. Job 40:11
AbatedReduced in intensity or amount.Gen 8:3
Abhor Despise; spurn; regard with horror.Ex 5:21
AbjectsPeople thrown out; outcasts.Psa 35:15
AbodeTo have stayed; remained; a dwelling.Gen 29:14
Acceptation Acceptance; approval. 1Tim 1:15; 4:9
AcquitJudged not guilty.Job 10:14
AdamantRock or very hard mineral.Ezek 3:9
AdjureTo command, under oath or threat.Josh 6:26
Admonish To instruct; advise; warn.Eccl 4:13
AdoFuss; bother; tumult.Mark 5:39
AdvertiseTo advise; warn; inform; reveal.Num 24:14
Advisement Counsel; consideration1Chr 12:19
AffinityBecome a son-in-law; an in-law.1Ki 3:1
AffordingProviding; yielding (as of crops).Psa 144:13
AffrightTo frighten.Deut 7:21
AfootOn foot.Mark 6:33
AforeBefore.2 Ki 20:4
Afresh Again; anew.Heb 6:6
AgoneAgo.1Sam 30:13
AgueA fever.Lev 26:16
AlamothTreble instruments; woman singers; music played in treble (high notes).1Chr 15:20
Albeit''Although it be that,'' shortened.Ezek 13:7
All toTo do entirely; do wholly.Judg 9:53
Alleluia''Praise ye the LORD!''Rev 19:1
AllowTo approve; commend; accept.Luke 11:48
AlmsGiving to the poor to help them.Matt 6:1 ff.
AloofAt a distance, but within view.Psa 38:11
AmbassageAmbassador(s); a message.Luke 14:32
AmbushmentAttack by surprise; ambush.2 Chr 13:13
AmenTrue; ''so be it;'' faithful; certain.Num 5:22
[ Amend ][ To change for the better, improve. ][ Jer 7:3; Joh 4:52 ]
AmerceTo punish by imposing a fine.Deut 22:19
AmiableDear; lovely; beloved.Psa 84:1
AmissWrong; incorrect.2Chr 6:37
AnathemaTo be damned by God.1Cor 16:22
AngleFishhook.Isa 19:8
AnisePlant of the parsley family.Matt 23:23
AnonImmediately; right away.Matt 13:20
ApaceAt a quick pace; quickly.2 Sam 18:25
ApothecaryOne who makes perfumes.Ex 30:25
ApparelClothing.Judg 17:10
AppertainTo belong to; to pertain to.Lev 6:5
ArchangelHead or chief angel.1Thes 4:16
Ariel''Lion of God,'' name for Jerusalem.Isa 29:1-2, 7
ArightIn the right way.Psa 50:23
ArkThe ship Noah built; box; chest;Gen 6:14;
 the basket boat of baby Moses.Ex 2:3
ArmholesHoles for your arms; sleeves.Jer 38:12
ArrayTo put on; to clothe.Gen 41:42
ArtYou (one person) are.Gen 3:9
ArtificerArtisan; craftsman.Gen 4:22
ArtilleryWar equipment; weapons.1Sam 20:40
AspSnake; serpent.Deut 32:33
AssayedAttempted; tested; analyzed.Deut 4:34
AssentAccord; agreement.2Chr 18:12
AsswageLessen; relieve; satisfy; sweeten.Gen 8:1
AstoniedBe taken by surprise [stunned, astounded].Ezra 9:3-4
AtonementA person or animal taking another's place, to cover sins.Ex 29:33
AttentAttentive; observant.2Chr 6:40
AugmentIncrease; make bigger.Num 32:14
AustereSevere; strict; harsh; solemn.Luke 19:21-22
AverseDisliking; turned from.Mic 2:8
AvouchedAffirmed; admitted; vouched for.Deut 26:17-18
Away withOT: To tolerate; bear; endure.Isa 1:13;
 NT:''Take away!''Luke 23:18
AxletreeSpindle/shaft on which a wheel rotates.1Ki 7:32-33
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Backbiting Evil speaking; slandering.Psa 15:3
[ Bade ][ Past tense of ''Bid''. ][ Gen 43:17 ]
BalmA medicine; rosin from a bush.Gen 37:25
BanquetingsDrinking, gluttony; rich partying.1Pet 4:3
BaptizeImmerse; dip a thing.Matt 3:6
BarbarousForeign.Acts 28:2
BarkedScraped the bark off.Joel 1:7
Base (to be)Low; lowly; humble.2Sam 6:22
[ Bath ][ See OT Liquid Measures ]
BattlementLow wall around a roof.Deut 22:8
 Wall for defense.Jer 5:10
Became himWas fitting for; was exactly suited for.Heb 2:10; 7:26
BeevesCattle.Lev 22:19
Begat, begetTo be father of; be ancestor of.Gen 4:18; 17:20
BeggarlyPoor; like a beggar; in poverty.Gal 4:9
BehemothA large, plant-eating dragon or dinosaur.Job 40:15 ff.
[ Bekah ][ See OT Weight Measures ]
BeliedLied against; spoken falsely.Jer 5:12
BeseechTo call upon; appeal; beg.Ex 3:18
Besom Broom.Isa 14:23
BesoughtAsked the favor of; searched for.Gen 42:21
BesteadSee ''hardly bestead.''Isa 8:21
BestowGive; grant; put; place.Ex 32:29
 Store; gather together in one place.Luke 12:17-18
BethinkCome to one's senses, consider.1 Ki 8:47
BetimesEarly; in good time; before it's too late.Gen 26:31
BetwixtBetween; passing from one to another.Gen 17:11
BewrayReveal; give away a secret; betray.Prov 27:16
[ Bid ][ To say, to tell, to command,
to invite. ]
[ Mat 23:3;
Mat 22:3,4,8 ]
BillowA great wave or swelling of water.Psa 42:7
BishoprickGuardianship; office of overseeing.Acts 1:20
[ Bittern ][A timid animal, like a porcupine or hedgehog.][ Isa 14:23 ]
BlainsBlisters; sores; boils.Ex 9:9-10
BlazeTo make known; proclaim.Mark 1:45
BlessedFavored by God; happy; prosperous.Psa 1:1
BolledBlossomed; in the seed or pod.Ex 9:31
BolsterPillow; head (or other) support.1Sam 19:13
BondmanA slave; an unpaid worker.Gen 44:33
BossesBump-like shapes on a shield.Job 15:26
BotchAn ulcer, swelling, tumor.Deut 28:27,35
BowelsInward parts; affections.Gen 15:4
BrawlerOne who gets into fights.1Tim 3:3; Titus 3:2
Bray a foolBeat, bruise, pound on a fool.Prov 27:22
BrayGroan, wail; make a foul noise.Job 6:5; 30:7
BreachBreaking forth;
a break;
opening, inlet.
Gen 38:29;
Lev 24:20;
Jdg 5:17
BreechesTrousers.Ex 28:42
BrigandineArmor for a soldier or robber.Jer 46:4; 51:3
BrimstoneSulfur.Gen 19:24
BroidedBraided; plaited; interweaved1Tim 2:9
Broidered Embroidered; adorned with needlework.Ex 28:4
BroodAnimal offspring, especially of birds.Luke 13:34
BruitReport; rumor; sound; noise.Jer 10:22
BrutishStupid as a beast; slow to understand.Psa 49:10
BucklerRound shield held with a grip.Psa 18:30
BuffetTo strike with a clenched fist.Matt 26:67
BulrushTall plant near water, such as papyrus.Ex 2:3
BulwarkA defensive structure.Deut 20:20
Bunches of camelsCamels' humps.Isa 30:6
By and byAt once; immediately; soon.Matt 13:21
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[ Cab ][ See OT Dry Measures]
Caldron A pot; kettle; cauldron.1Sam 2:14
CankerSomething that eats away, corrodes; cancer; gangrene; an ulcer-like sore.2Tim 2:17
CarbuncleA red precious stone.Ex 28:17
CarefulFull of care; full of worry, anxiety.Jer 17:8
CarnalOf the flesh, fleshly; sensual.1Cor 3:3
Carriage That which is carried; baggage.Judg 18:21
CasementA window.Prov 7:6
Cast angleTo fish with a hook.Isa 19:8
Cast in the teethRevile or reproach, face to face.Matt 27:44
CaulMembrane; fatty tissue around a bodily organ.Ex 29:13
CaulsClose-fitting caps [or] nets worn by women.Isa 3:18
Celestial Relating to the sky or heavens.1Cor 15:40
CenturionRoman commander of a hundred men.Matt 8:5
ChamberingSexual indulgence; lewdness.Rom 13:13
ChamberlainEunuch or chief servant; one in charge of the king's quarters.2Ki 23:11
ChamoisA small sheep-like antelope.Deut 14:5
ChampaignA plain; field; flat, open land.Deut 11:30
ChapiterUpper part of a column or pillar.Ex 36:38
ChapmenTradesmen; merchants.2Chr 9:14
ChargeableA burden; an undue weight.2Sam 13:25
ChargerA large platter or dish.Num 7:13
CharityGodly love in action.1Cor 8:1; 13-14
ChastePure; clean; not corrupt.2Cor 11:2
CheckRebuke; reproof; stop an action.Job 20:3
ChideQuarrel; scold; complain; find fault.Ex 17:2
CholerAnger, wrath.Dan 8:7; 11:11
ChurlA rude, harsh person.Isa 32:5,7
Circumspect (be)Be watchful every way; take heed.Ex 23:13
ClamourYelling; loud complaining.Eph 4:31
Cleanness of teethFamine.Amos 4:6
CleaveSplit open; cut open; divide.Lev 1:17
Cleave untoCling to; hold to; stick to.Gen 2:24
CleftSplit hoof; an opening, break or split.Deut 14:6
CloutsPieces of cloth used to patch.Jer 38:11 f.
ClovenSeparated; split; divided up.Deut 14:7
CockatriceVenomous snake.Isa 11:8
CockleA weed resembling wheat.Job 31:40
CogitationsThinking something over.Dan 7:28
CollopA piece of flesh or a fold of fat.Job 15:27
ComelyAttractive; proper; becoming.1Sam 16:18
Communicate(When not referring to speech): share; give; associate with.Gal 6:6
CompassGo around, encircle; encompass.Gen 2:11
Concision[lit., mutilation] Those who believe circumcision makes one righteous or saves.Phil 3:2
ConcordAgreement; unison.2Cor 6:15
ConcupiscenceStrong lust; passion.Rom 7:8
ConfectionariesPerfume/ointment makers; perfumers.1Sam 8:13
ConsecrateTreat as set apart, or separate unto God.Ex 28:3
ConstrainCompel with irresistible force.2Ki 4:8
ConsumptionDisease that eats the body; destruction.Lev 26:16; Isa 10:22
ContemnDespise with mockery; show contempt.Psa 10:13
ContentiousLoving to quarrel and angrily debate.Prov 21:19
ConvenientFit; appropriate; proper.Prov 30:8
ConversationBehavior; way of life; community.Psa 37:14
ConvinceConvict; prove wrong.Job 32:12
CopingTop of a wall, sloped to drain off water.1Ki 7:9
[ Cor ][ See OT Liquid Measures ]
CornAny kind of edible grain.Gen 27:28
CornetA wind instrument; horn; trumpet.2Sam 6:5
CotesAnimal enclosures; stables.2Chr 32:28
CoulterSharp iron blade on the front of a plow, that cuts into the soil.1Sam 13:20
CountenanceFace; appearance.Gen 4:5;
 Show favor.Ex 23:3
CountervailBe or make equal; compensate.Est 7:4
CovertA shelter; a hiding place.1Sam 25:20
CracknelsDry, brittle cakes or biscuits.1Ki 14:3
Crisping pinsPins heated up to curl hair; curling irons.Isa 3:22
CruseA pot.1Sam 26:11
[ Cubit ][ About 18 inches in length.][ Ex 25:10 ]
CumberedTo be overwhelmed with cares.Luke 10:40
CumminA plant bearing aromatic seeds.Isa 28:25
CuriousSkillfully made; detailed.Ex 28:8
Curious artsDivination; sorcery; astrology.Acts 19:19
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DamA mother.Ex 22:30
DaubTo cover or plaster.Ex 2:3; Ezek 13:10
DaysmanA judge; mediator; ''umpire.''Job 9:33
DayspringSunrise.Job 38:12
DearthA drought; famine; no harvest.Gen 41:54
DeferDelay; postpone.Gen 34:19
DerisionRidicule; laughing at enemies' threats.Job 30:1
DescrySearch out; map out; to describe.Judg 1:23
DespiteContempt; angry hatred.Ezek 25:6
DiademRoyal headband worn by Eastern kings.Job 29:14
DiscomfitedDefeated in battle; scattered.Ex 17:13
DiscoverUncover; reveal; have first sight of.Ex 20:26
DisdainTo despise; to reject.1Sam 17:42
DissembledUsed deceit; pretended; feigned.Josh 7:11
DissimulationHypocrisy; [the creation of] false appearances.Rom 12:9
DiversOld spelling of ''diverse;'' unequal.Prov 20:10
DoctorTeacher; instructor; learned person.Luke 2:46
DolefulMournful cry; sorrowful howl.Isa 13:21
DragonHuge lizard; dinosaur.Deut 32:33;
 The Devil; Satan.Rev 12:9
Draught housePublic toilet.2Ki 10:27
Draught of fishFish caught by sweeping a net.Luke 5:9
Dregs[Residue or] Grounds at the bottom of a cup.Psa 75:8
DropsyAn illness where a part or all of the body swells with too much water.Luke 14:2
Drove (n.)Flock; a company.Gen 32:16
DukeHead of a family or tribe.Gen 36:15 ff.
[ Dureth ][ ''Endureth''; endures, continues. ][ Mat 13:21 ]
DurstHe/she dared; was bold enough.Est 7:5
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EaringPlowing; tilling the ground.Gen 45:6
Earnest (n.)Down payment.2Cor 1:22
EffeminateActing like a woman; unmanly.1Cor 6:9
EmerodsHemorrhoids; tumors.1Sam 5:6
EmulationTrying to equal or be better than othersRom 11:14;
 (in either a good or bad way).Gal 5:20
EnjoinCommand; charge.Est 9:31
Enmity Hatred, being an enemy.Gen 3:15; Lk 23:12
EnsampleExample; pattern or model to imitate.1Cor 10:11
EnsignFlag or banner, as of an army.Num 2:2
EnsuePursue; to follow after.1Pet 3:11
Environ Surround; compass.Josh 7:9
EphahAbout 6/10 bushel;Ex 16:36;
 a basket holding that amount.
[ See OT Dry Measures]
Zech 5:6-10
EphodLinen garment worn by the high priest.Ex 25:7; 28:6 ff.
EpistleImportant or formal letter.1Thes 5:27
EreBefore; until.Ex 1:19
EschewAvoid; shun; turn aside from.1Pet 3:11
EspiedDiscovered; spied out; examined.Gen 42:27
EuroclydonFurious, north-easterly wind.Acts 27:14
Even, EveningtideEvening time.Gen 19:1
Every severalEvery single; each one separately.2Chr 11:12
ExactorsOverseers; tribute or tax collectors.Isa 60:17
ExhortationEncouragement; counsel.1Cor 14:3
ExtolTo lift up; to praise; to esteem.Psa 30:1
EyesalveMedicine for the eyes.Rev 3:18
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Fain Earnestly want to or long to; gladly.Job 27:22
FairsSomething gotten at a fair; wares.Ezek 27:12 ff.
[Fallow deer][ A specific type of animal.][ Deu 14:5 ]
[Fallow ground][ Land that is neglected, untilled.][ Jer 4:3 ]
FanWinnowing fan; a fork-shaped tool to throw grain in the air, to let the wind separate the wheat from the chaff.Isa 30:24
[ Farthing ][ In the NT, a Roman coin:
- a 'quadran', worth 1/4 assarion
- an 'assarion', worth 1/10 denarius (see ''Penny''). ]
[ Mark 12:42;
Mat 10:29 ]
FastAbstaining from food.Matt 6:16-18
FatlingFat cattle.1Sam 15:9
Fats Vats (always plural: ''fats'').Joel 2:24; 3:13
FeignTo pretend to be; To disguise.1Sam 21:13
FelloeThe rim of a wheel, held by spokes.1Ki 7:33
FensMarshes; swamps.Job 40:21
Fetched a compassWent on a circular course.Josh 15:3
FilletAn ornamental band around the top of a pillar; a thin band or strip.Ex 27:10
FirebrandBurning wood; a torch.Judg 15:4
FirkinAbout 9 gallons (40 liters) of liquid.John 2:6
FirmamentExpanse or vault over the earth; sky; the stretched-out heavens.Gen 1:6-8
FitchesA kind of grain used for seasoning.Isa 28:25,27
FlagonBottle holding liquid; flask; an amount equal to what a flagon holds.2Sam 6:19
FlayStrip the skin off an animal or person.Mic 3:3
Flowers (her)Menstrual flow; a woman's period.Lev 15:24
FluxBloody flow from the body; dysentery.Acts 28:8
FoldTimes (multiply, e.g., ''twofold'' = x2).Gen 4:15
ForbearRefrain; restrain; refrain from acting.Ex 23:5
Foresaw Saw or knew beforehand.Acts 2:25
ForswearSwear falsely; Commit perjury.Matt 5:33
[Forthwith][ Immediately, straightway.][ Matt 13:5 ]
be forward
Being eager; zealous; ready; being inclined to do something.2Cor 8:8
FoursquareSquared; four cornered.Ex 27:1
FrayFrighten; make afraid.Deut 28:26
FretBe grieved; be troubled; be displeased.1Sam 1:6
FrettingEating away; wearing away.Lev 13:51 ff.
FrowardPerverse; twisted.Deut 32:20
FullerWasher and/or bleacher of clothes.Mark 9:3
FurbishRub, scour or polish until bright.Jer 46:4
FurlongApproximately 1/8 mile (660 feet) [or, 400 cubits].Luke 24:13
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Gaddest aboutGo back and forth, to and fro.Jer 2:36
GainsayContradict; oppose.Luke 21:15
GallSomething bitter or poisonous.Deut 32:32
GarrisonFortification; military post.1Sam 10:5
[ Gerah ][ See OT Weight Measures ]
GinNoose; snare.Job 18:9
Girdle, GirtBelt, wrapped around.Mark 1:6; 2 Ki 1:8
[ Glory ][ Honor, worth, value.
-- The glory of God is the visible manifestation of His holiness. ]
[ Joh 7:18
Isa 6:1-3
Joh 1:14,18 ]
GoadA pointed stick to get animals moving.Judg 3:31
GospelThe Word of God; ''joyful message.''Matt 4:23
Go toCome; let us begin (exhortation).Gen 11:3
GraveTomb (noun);
engraved (verb);
serious, not showy (adj.)
Gen 35:20;
Ex 28:9;
1Tim 3:8
GravenCarved or engraved idol or image.Ex 20:4
[ Greaves ][ Leg armor. ][ 1Sam 17:6 ]
GrisledSpotted; speckled.Gen 31:10
GroveSmall group of trees;Gen 21:33;
 in pagan use, a place where Ashtaroth was worshipped (compare Judg 2:13 with 3:7).Ex 34:13
GuileDeceit; craftiness.Ex 21:14
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HabergeonCoat of mail for the neck (and down).Ex 28:32
HaftA handle.Judg 3:22
HaleDrag; force.Luke 12:58
[ Hallow ][ to be holy, to regard as holy,
to set apart, to sanctify ]
[ Lev 22:32;
Mat 6:9 ]
HaltLame; crippled in the feet.Matt 18:8
HaplyPerhaps; maybe.
[Also see ''Her hap was'']
1Sam 14:30
Hard byBeside; next to.1Ki 21:1
Hardly besteadBadly treated; greatly troubled.Isa 8:21
Harrow[A] plow;
[to] break up clods; cover seed.
2Sam 12:31
Hart A stag; male deer.Deut 12:15
HaughtyProud; arrogant; lifted up.2Sam 22:28
HauntWhere one goes frequently.1Sam 23:22
HeadyHeadstrong; reckless; hasty.2Tim 3:4
HeathSmall shrub found in open wastelands.Jer 17:6
HeedPay attention; watch out.Gen 31:24
[ Hell
   (three meanings)]
GK=hades, the grave, place of spirits of dead men.
GK=gehenna, place of burning, eternal torment.
GK=tartarus, holding place of fallen angels.
Acts 2:27; Rev 1:18
Mat 18:8,9
2Pet 2:4
HelmRudder and tiller to steer a ship.James 3:4
[ Hence ]Here, this place.Luk 16:26
HenceforthFrom this time forth;
from now on.
Gen 4:12
Her hap was toShe happened to.Ruth 2:3
HerewithWith this.Ezek 16:29
Hewn Cut.Ex 20:25
[ Hin ][ See OT Liquid Measures ]
[ Hind ][ A deer, a doe. ][ 2Sam 22:34 ]
Hinder endThe back side; behind; the rear.2Sam 2:23
HirelingA hired laborer; employee.Job 7:1
Hither, hithertoTo this place; till this point in time.Gen 15:16
Hoar, hoaryWhite colored;
white or gray with age.
Ex 16:14;
Lev 19:32
HoldenHeld.2Ki 23:22
[ Holiness ][ Characteristic of whatever is Holy.
See 'Holy'. ]
HolpenHelped.Psa 83:8
[ Holy ][ The word means 'to be set apart'.
-- God is set apart from all others in every aspect of His person, purposes, power, righteousness, wisdom, worth, etc. He is unique, incomparable, and separate from all created beings.
-- God's people are to be set apart from all that dishonors Him, to be dedicated to Him and suitable for His service. ]

 [ Isa 6:1-3
Lev 20:7;
Heb 12:14 ]
[ Homer ][ See OT Liquid Measures
and OT Dry Measures]
HosenGarments covering legs; trousers.Dan 3:21
[ Host ][ An army; a multitude. ][ Psa 33:6,16 ]
HoughHamstring; cut the tendons of the ham.Josh 11:6,9
HusbandmanFarmer; one who tills the ground.Gen 9:20
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IgnominyContempt; shame; dishonor.Prov 18:3
ImmutableUnchangeable (an attribute of God).Heb 6:18
Implacable Cannot be calmed or appeased.Rom 1:31
ImpleadSue someone at law.Acts 19:38
ImportunityUrgent, continual, persistent asking.Luke 11:8
ImpotentWeak; without strength or power.John 5:3
ImpudentShameless; without modesty.Prov 7:13
ImputeCharge to one's account; reckon.Lev 7:18
In no wiseBy no means; assuredly not.Lev 7:24
IncontinentWithout self-control; unbridled.2Tim 3:3
InditingDictating what to write
[or, moved with inspiration].
Psa 45:1
InfidelUnbeliever.2Cor 6:15
InordinateUnrestrained; immoderate.Ezek 23:11
Instant (adj.)Insistent; persistent; importunate.Luke 23:23
IssueWhat comes forth: children;Gen 48:6;
 discharge of liquid.Lev 12:7
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JanglingNoisy argument; quarreling.1Tim 1:6
Joined hardBordered; was adjacent to.Acts 18:7
JotThe smallest Hebrew letter, yodh.Matt 5:18
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Kin, kindredFamily.Lev 18:6
KineCows; cattle.Gen 32:15
KnopKnob; bud (as of a flower).Ex 25:33
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LadeTo load; burden.Gen 45:17
LasciviousnessBeing lustful, loose or lewd; promoting lustful desires in others.Mark 7:22
LatchetSandal lace.Isa 5:27
LaverWash basin.Ex 30:18
LeasingFalsehood; deceit; lying.Psa 4:2
LeesSediment settled in liquid; the dregs;Jer 48:11;
 (See ''wine on the lees'').Isa 25:6
Let (was let)Hinder or obstruct.Rom 1:13
LeviathanBig dragon/dinosaur that lives near or in the water/sea.Job 41:1 ff.; Psa 74:14
LintelTop of a door frame.Ex 12:22-23
Listed, listethChoose; be inclined to do.Matt 17:12
OT: Strong; energetic.
NT: Living.
Ex 1:19;
Acts 7:38
LoinsThigh and groin area; often used for the reproductive organs.Gen 35:11
[ Log ][ See OT Liquid Measures ]
Lot (of a person)Portion; what is received by casting lots.Deut 32:9
Lot (to cast)Pebbles thrown to make decisions.Lev 16:8
LowringThreatening a storm; gloomy; clouded.Matt 16:3
LucreGain in money or goods; profit.1Sam 8:3
LustyHealthy and strong; able of body.Judg 3:29
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MammonEarthly goods; property; riches.Matt 6:24
[ Maneh ][ See OT Weight Measures ]
MantleCloak; covering garment.Judg 4:18
Maranatha''Our Lord cometh.''1Cor 16:22
MarishesMarshes; ponds.Ezek 47:11
MatrixA mother's womb.Ex 13:12
MattockHoe or other tool to break up dirt.1Sam 13:20
MaulMallet, heavy hammer or club.Prov 25:18
MawAnimal's stomach.Deut 18:3
Mean manCommon; low in rank.Prov 22:29
MeatGrain or food in general (except where the verse refers to flesh).Gen 1:29
MeetSuitable; agreeable; fit; proper.Gen 2:18
MessPortion of food.Gen 43:34
MeteMeasure; deal out.Ex 16:18
MeteyardA rod to measure length; yardstick.Lev 19:35
MilchMilk-giving; milking.Gen 32:15
MincingTaking short, quick steps.Isa 3:16
MinishDiminish; lessen.Ex 5:19
MinistrationService; ministry.Luke 1:23
MirthGladness; rejoicing.Gen 31:27
MiteCoin of very small value; [ ].
[ A Roman 'lepton' worth 1/2 quadran (see ''Farthing''). ]
Mark 12:42
MitreTurban; ceremonial headdress.Ex 28:4
MollifiedBe softened; be appeased.Isa 1:6
MortifyPut to death; remove the life of.Rom 8:13
MoteSpeck or splinter; small particle [as opposed to a ''beam'' or timber].Matt 7:3-5
MufflerScarf or veil to cover the face.Isa 3:19
MunitionStronghold; fort.Isa 29:7
MurrainCattle disease; pestilence; plague.Ex 9:3
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NaughtBad; nothing; vain.2Ki 2:19; Prov 20:14
NaveHub; where spokes are inserted.1Ki 7:33
NecromancerOne who inquires of the dead.Deut 18:11
NeesingsSneezing.Job 41:18
[ Neginoth ][ ''A song.'' ][ Psa 6:1 ]
NephewDescendant; grandson; grandchild.Judg 12:14
NetherLower.Ex 19:17
NighNear, in place or in time.Gen 47:29
NitreSodium nitrate, as in gunpowder.Prov 25:20
No little kindnessExceptional kindness.Acts 28:2
[ Noised, noised abroad ][ Proclaimed or heard widely. ][ Mark 2:1; Luk 1:65 ]
NoisomeDestructive; hurtful; noxious.Psa 91:3
Not a whitNot the least bit.2Cor 11:5
NoughtNothing.Gen 29:15
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ObeisanceBowing or kneeling in respect.Gen 37:7
Odd numberWhat is left over; over and above.Num 3:48
OffendMake angry; make one stumble; violate.Gen 20:9
OffscouringWhat is scoured off; rejected.Lam 3:45
[ Omer ][ See OT Dry Measures]
OmnipotentAll powerful (an attribute of God).Rev 19:6
Oracle(When referring to a place) the inner sanctuary; ''Holy of Holies.''1 Ki 6:5
 [Often referring to a profound message; the Word of God.][ Rom 3:1,2 ]
OuchesSettings for gems; sockets.Ex 28:11
OutgoingsExtreme limits; furthest borders.Josh 17:9
OutwentWent before; went faster.Mark 6:33
OverchargedWeighed down; burdened.Luke 21:34
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PangsExtreme, sharp pains, as in childbirth.Isa 13:8
PapsBreasts.Ezek 23:21
ParamourMale or female lover.Ezek 23:20
ParbarStructure on the west side of Solomon's temple.1Chr 26:18
PateForehead; crown of the head.Psa 7:16
PatrimonySomething inherited; an estate.Deut 18:8
PeculiarParticular; special; one's own.Ex 19:5
PeeledSmooth; bare; bald.Isa 18:2
[ Penny ][ The most common NT coin, the Roman 'denarius' (lit., 'ten assarion'), equivalent to a day's wage for a laborer. ][ Mat 20:2 ]
PenuryPoverty.Prov 14:23
PeradventurePerhaps.Gen 18:24
PerditionComplete loss; eternal damnation.John 17:12
PerniciousDestructive, something that can injure.2Pet 2:2
PhylacteriesScripture box attached to left arm or forehead by a leather strap [in literal obedience to Deu 6:8 ].Matt 23:5
PilledPealed; stripped off skin or bark.Gen 30:37-38
PitchA thick, dark, sticky substance.
[Tar used for waterproofing.]
Gen 6:14
PlaitingBraiding; gathering hair into knots.1Pet 3:3
PlattedBraided; intertwined.Matt 27:29
Polled his headCut hair from his head.2Sam 14:26
PommelsBowl-shaped top of a pillar.2Chr 4:12-13
[ Pound ][ See OT Weight Measures ]
Post (person)Runner; courier.2Chr 30:6
PotsherdPiece of broken pottery.Job 2:8
PratingBabbling; chattering.Prov 10:8,10
[ Preeminence,
Supreme in rank, dignity and importance.Col 1:18
PresbyteryAssembly of elders.1Tim 4:14
PreventCome before, go before; anticipate.2Sam 22:6
PricksOT: Thorns.Num 33:55
 NT: Cattle prods or goads.Acts 9:5
PrincipalitiesRulers or their territory.Jer 13:18
PrivilyIn private; secretly.Judg 9:31
Privy (be)Privately knowing; knowing a secret.1Ki 2:44
ProfaneTreat as common; defile.Lev 18:21
Profound (be)Go deep into something.Hos 5:2
PrognosticatorsForetellers of the future.Isa 47:13
ProperOne's own; peculiar; particular.1Chr 29:3
PropitiationSacrifice to pay for sins against God, to satisfy His righteous anger. [A sacrifice that removes sin, rather than merely covering guilt.]Rom 3:25
ProselyteConvert.Matt 23:15
ProvenderFood for livestock or cattle.Gen 24:25
PsalmSacred song about or to God.1Chr 16:7
PsalteryStringed instrument, as a harp or guitar.1Sam 10:5
PublicanTax collector.Luke 5:27
PulsePeas, beans; legumes.2Sam 17:28
PurloiningStealing; pilfering.Titus 2:10
PurtenanceInward parts; entrails.Ex 12:9
PutrifyingPertaining to gangrene; decaying.Isa 1:6
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QuaternionGuard of four soldiers.Acts 12:4
QuickAlive; living.Lev 13:10
QuitAcquitted; found not guilty.Ex 21:19
Quit you like menBehave/act as a man should.1Sam 4:9; 1Cor 16:13
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RaimentClothing; garments.Gen 24:53
RampartFortification; defensive structure.Lam 2:8
Rank (adj.)Full-grown; strong and robust.Gen 41:5,7
RaveningPreying upon to devour.Psa 22:13
Ravin (noun)Torn flesh; food gotten by violence.Nah 2:12
Ravin (verb)Violently catch food or devour it.Gen 49:27
RavishedRaped (negative use);Isa 13:16;
 delighted (positive use).Pro 5:19
RebukeReprimand; strongly warn; restrain.Gen 31:42
RecompencePunishment for evil, reward.Deut 32:35; Pro 12:14
RedoundProduce a result; to return.2Cor 4:15
ReelStagger, walk to and fro like a drunkard.Psa 107:27; Isa 24:20
ReinsLiterally, kidneys.Job 16:13;
 Figuratively, seat of emotion.Psa 7:9
RemissionForgiveness; pardon.Matt 26:28
Rend [ Rent ]Tear apart; forcefully rip apart.Ex 39:23
RenownGreat reputation; being well-known.Gen 6:4
ReproachDisgrace; shame.Gen 30:23
ReprobateRejected; failing the test; lost in sin.Jer 6:30
ReproofRebuke; scolding.Job 26:11
RequiteRepay.Gen 50:15
RerewardTowards the rear; rear guard.Isa 52:12
ResiduePart that remains, the rest.Ex 10:5
[ Revellings ][Carousings; riotous behavior.][ Gal 5:21 ]
RieOld spelling of ''rye''; a grain.Isa 28:25
RingstrakedStriped, streaked.Gen 30:35 ff.
RoadOld spelling of ''raid''.1Sam 27:10
[ Roe ][ A female mountain goat. ][ Prov 6:5 ]
RuddyReddish (hair or complexion).1Sam 16:12
RudeUnskilled, unrefined or unlearned.2Cor 11:6
RueAn evergreen plant used for medicine.Luke 11:42
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[ Sabaoth ][ ''Hosts''; armies, multitudes. ][ Rom 9:29 ]
SabbathRest; cessation from work.Ex 16:23
SackbutTriangular, 4-stringed instrument, like a lyre.Dan 3:5,7,10,15
[ Sackcloth ][ A coarse fabric of which grain sacks were made, often worn as a sign of sorrow or mourning. ][ Gen 37:34 ]
SacrilegeViolate or steal sacred things.Rom 2:22
SalutationGreeting.Mark 12:38
SanctifyMake holy; set apart for God's use.Gen 2:3
SatanThe Adversary of humans; the devil; the leader of the fallen angels.Matt 16:23
Satyr He-goat.Isa 13:21; 34:14
SavourSmell; taste; odor.Gen 8:21
SavourestYou (singular) like; delight in; favor.Matt 16:23
ScallScaly skin eruption.Lev 13:30-37
ScoreMultiply the number times 20 (e.g., ''fourscore'' = 80).Gen 16:16
ScourgeWhip; flog.Lev 19:20
SeemlyFitting; proper; becoming.Prov 19:10; 26:1
SeetheBoil; be very hot.Ex 16:23
SelvedgeFabric edge to prevent unraveling.Ex 26:4
SepulchrePlace of burial; grave; tomb.Gen 23:6
ServitorAttendant; one performing as a servant.2Ki 4:43
Set at noughtDespise; disregard.Prov 1:25
ShamblesMeat market; marketplace.1Cor. 10:25
SheafBundle of grain.Gen 37:7
SheepcoteSheep dwelling; stable. (See ''cote'')1Sam 24:3
[ Shekel ][ See OT Weight Measures ]
[ Sheminith ][ An eight stringed musical instrument. ][ 1Chr 15:21 ]
[ Psa 6:1 ]
SherdSee ''potsherd.''Isa 30:14
SheriffKnowledgeable, legal official.Dan 3:2-3
ShewOld spelling of ''show.''Gen 12:1
SignetSeal or stamp, indicating the owner.Gen 38:18
SingleClear; pure; uncorrupted; healthy.Matt 6:22
SithOld spelling of ''since.''Ezek 35:6
SlackSlow or negligent.Deut 7:10
SleightTrickery; entrapment by deceit.Eph 4:14
Slow belliesIdle gluttons.Titus 1:12
Sod, soddenCooked; boiled.Gen 25:29
SoothsayerOne who fortells the future by ungodly means.Josh 13:22
SopA morsel of bread to be dipped.John 13:26 f.
SottishFoolish; dull with drink; sluggish.Jer 4:22
SpiteAnger toward someone; grief.Psa 10:14
SpoilBooty; plunder; prey.Gen 49:27
StanchedStopped flowing.Luke 8:44
StandardFlag; banner.Num 1:52
StavesRods; clubs.Ex 25:13
Stay him;Support; uphold.Prov 28:17
... My stayWhat one relies on.2Sam 22:19
StayedDetained; held.Luke 4:42
StomacherOrnamental covering, over the chest and/or stomach, for females.Isa 3:24
StraightwayRight away; immediately.1Sam 9:13
Strait (adj.)Narrow; close together.2Ki 6:1; Matt 7:13
Strait (in a)Be in distress; be in a narrow place.1Sam 13:6
StraitenedImpeded or restricted;
Job 18:7;
Ezek 42:6
 Distressed. [Constrained.]Luke 12:50
StrakeOld spelling of ''struck.''Acts 27:17
Strowed, strawedScattered; spread.Matt 21:8
SuccourHelp; aid.Heb 2:18
Suffered notDid not allow.Gen 20:6
SupDine; eat.Luke 17:8
Sup upGather together; accumulate, assemble.Hab 1:9
SuperfluousMore than necessary or wanted.Lev 21:18
SuppliantsWorshippers.Zeph 3:10
SurfeitingExcess food or drink; overindulgence.Luke 21:34
Swaddling clothesCloths for wrapping infants tightly.Luke 2:7,12
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TabletsSmall, flat ornaments or jewelry.Ex 35:22
[ Tabret ][ A tambourine; joyful music. ][ Gen 31:27 ]
TachesHooks; fasteners.Ex 26:6
TaleA number; something counted.Ex 5:8
 Information given; a story.Psa 90:9
TalentWeight of money; weight; gift.
[ See OT Weight Measures ]
Ex 25:39
[ Tares ][ Weeds; probably darnel which looks similar to wheat. ][ Mat 13:25 ]
TargetSmall shield; a buckler.1Sam 17:6
[ Tarry ][ To wait, to stay for a time, to lodge. ][ 1Cor 16:8 ]
TellTo count; number.Gen 15:5
TemperedMixed; combined.Ex 29:2
TemperanceSelf-control; moderation.Gal 5:23
TempestStorm; violent wind; whirlwind.Job 9:17
TerrestrialRelating to the earth; earthly.1Cor 15:40
TestamentA will, ratified after death; a covenant.Heb 9:16-18
[ Thence ]There, that place.Luk 16:26
[ Thither ][ ''To there...'' ][ Gen 19:20 ]
ThitherwardToward it; in that direction.Jer 50:5
ThriceThree times.Ex 34:23
[ Thummin ][ See ''Urim and Thummin''. ][ Ex 28:30 ]
TiredAttired; put something around the head.2Ki 9:30
[ Tirshatha ][The governor (a Persian title).][ Ezra 2:63 ]
TitheThe tenth part; 1/10.Lev 27:30
[ Tittle ][ The smallest mark which distinquishes one Hebrew letter from another. ][ Mat 5:18 ]
Told outCounted out; numbered; tallied.2Chr 2:2
TowWeaver's fiber or the yarn made from it.Judg 16:9
TraffickTrade; do business.Gen 42:34
TranslateTransfer; remove to another place.2Sam 3:10
TroddenWalked on; trampled.Deut 1:36
TrodeStepped on; walked on.Judg 9:27
TrowTo think; to believe; to trust.Luke 17:9
TwainTwo.1Sam 18:21
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UnctionAn anointing.1John 2:20
UnseemlyInappropriate.Rom 1:27
UntowardPerverse; not easily taught or guided.Acts 2:40
[ Urim and Thummin ][ ''Lights and Perfections''. Stones kept in a pouch on the High Priest's breastplate, and used to ascertain the Lord's leading in various matters.][ Ex 28:30 ]
UsuryInterest paid for using money.Ex 22:25
Utter courtOuter court.Ezek 40:31
Utter gateOuter gate.Ezek 47:2
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ValourCourage; personal bravery.Josh 1:14
VarianceDisagreement; discord; dissension.Matt 10:35
Vaunt oneselfBoast; brag about oneself.Judg 7:2
VehementViolent; forceful; furious.Song of Sol 8:6
VerilyTruly.Gen 42:21
VerityTruth.Psa 111:7
VestmentsOfficial or ecclesiastical robes.2Ki 10:22
VestureGarment; clothing.Deut 22:12
VialSmall bottle; something holding liquid.1Sam 10:1
VictualsFood for humans.Gen 14:11
VillanyExtreme wickedness.Isa 32:6
VisageAppearance; face; look of a person.Isa 52:14
VocationWhat God calls, [or] gifts a person to do.Eph 4:1
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WantLack; be deficient.Deut 28:48
WantonWithout restraint; reckless.Isa 3:16
WardIn custody, with a guard; prison.Gen 40:3
WastYou (one person) were.Gen 3:11
WaxGrow; become; advance.Ex 22:24
WenA wart; a tumor; a swelling.Lev 22:22
Wert(If) you (one person) were.Job 8:6
WhelpA cub; a young one.Gen 49:9
[ Whence ][ ''From where...'' ][ Gen 16:8 ]
[ Wherefore ][ Why; For what reason.
Therefore; For this reason.]
[ Gen 18:13
Gen 10:9 ]
Whether is?Which of the two?Judg 9:2
[ Whither ][ ''To where...'' ][ Gen 16:8 ]
WimplesCurled hair; veils crimped.Isa 3:22
WinefatWine vat.Isa 63:2
Wine on the leesFully fermented wine.Isa 25:6
Wist, wotKnew; thought; supposed.Ex 16:15; Gen 21:26
WithsTwigs twisted to make a band, rope.Judg 16:7-9
WontUsed to; in the habit of.Ex 21:29
[ Wroth ]Full of wrath, angry, incensed.Mat 22:7

Why Do We Need ''Thee'' and ''Thou''?

In almost every language but Modern English, people knew whether the speaker was addressing one person or many. In Classical English, this is preserved. If the speaker is talking to one person, he uses ''thee'' or ''thou.'' If he is talking to many people, he says ''you'' or ''your.''

The King James preserves this distinction. When Jesus spoke to Nicodemus, He said, ''Marvel not that I said unto thee, ye must be born again'' (John 3:7). What He said in effect was, ''Marvel not that I said unto thee (Nicodemus), ye (all of you people) must be born again.'' Jesus did not tell this only to Nicodemus. He spoke to all people of all times, from those who stood around that night, even to us today: Ye must be born again!

[ Also see the article entitled ''Thou Sayest??'' (accessed via the Help button on the main window for 'The Book').]

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The King James Bible Companion,
by David W. Daniels, B.A., M.Div.

Defines over 500 archaic words in the King James Bible.

It takes a single generation to make a word archaic...
and a single generation of Bible readers can bring it back into use.
David W. Daniels
For printed copies for you or your whole church group,
please contact:
Chick Publications at
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Ontario, CA 91761
Telephone: (909)987-0771

Note: Text in brackets above [like this] was supplied by the editor of, and may or may not appear in future printed editions of The King James Bible Companion.

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Note: The following tables of measurements are not included in The King James Bible Companion.

OT Liquid Measures
UnitApprox. U.S. Equiv.Relative ValueExample
Log1 pint12 Logs = 1 HinLev 14:10
Hin1.5 gallons6 Hins = 1 BathNum 15:4
Bath8 gallons10 Baths = 1 HomerIsa 5:10
Homer80 gallons1 Homer = 1 CorEzek 45:14
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OT Dry Measures
UnitApprox. U.S. Equiv.Relative ValueExample
Cab3.2 pints6 Cabs = 1 Seah2Kin 6:25
Seah2.4 gallons3 Seah = 1 Ephah2Chr 2:10
Omer0.8 gallons10 Omers = 1 EphahEx 16:16, 36
Ephah8 gallons10 Ephahs = 1 HomerEze 45:11
Homer80 gallons (see above)
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OT Weight Measures (cp. Lev 19:36)
Prior to 500 B.C. financial transactions were based on weights of precious metals or other commodities, rather than coinage (Jer 32:10).
UnitApprox. EquivalentRelative ValueExample
The weight of
16 barley grains.
20 Gerah = 1 ShekelEx 30:13
Bekah(a half shekel)2 Bekah = 1 ShekelEx 38:26
Shekelapprox. 12 grams
or, 0.4 ounces
20 Gerah = 1 ShekelLev 27:25
Maneh(calculate from shekel)60 Shekels = 1 Maneh
(of silver)
Eze 45:12
Pound(calculate from shekel)100 Shekels = 1 Pound
(of gold)
1Kin 10:17
2Chr 9:16
Talent(calculate from shekel)60 Maneh = 1 Talent1Kin 9:14

These charts of measurements provide only an approximation of sizes and values. In OT times, measurements could not be made with modern precision. The reader will find greater detail in a Bible dictionary (such as: Unger's Bible Dictionary published by Moody Press).

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