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Frames/No Frames and Mobile Browsers- Most Browsers (such as Netscape v. 3.0 or IExplore v. 3.0 or later) are capable of displaying multiple pages on the screen in "HTML Frames." The default viewing mode for this study series utilizes three windows (frames) which are updated interactively as needed. In this mode, the large upper window contains the lesson, while the two smaller lower windows display cross reference text and other information. A button bar above the large upper window facilitates program navigation.

If you are viewing in Frame format, this text will be in a window in a lower corner of your browser screen. If the text occupies the full browser window area, you are not in Frame mode or your browser is not Frames compatible. To test your browser, or to return to Frame mode, click here: Return to 3 Window Frame Mode. If your browser is not compatible, use the Back button to return to this page.

Some older browsers and many mobile browsers (on smart phones and PDA's) are not fully Frames compatible. Try these alternate viewing modes, to find what works best for your device.

Bookmarks- Because this site makes heavy use of HTML Frames, bookmarks do not work well in the multi-window viewing modes. You should bookmark the starting page of 'The Book' to facilitate opening the program. However, content on subsequent pages cannot be bookmarked effectively. Once you learn your way around, it is not hard to return to where you left off, by using the Buttons and/or Resource Menu. On the other hand, bookmarks do work well on content, when using the 'One Page at a Time mode.' (See Frames Help for more on the various viewing modes.)

Offline Usage- The full set of files is available for download as The Book.ZIP. After downloading, decompress the file into a convenient directory. The program can be started by clicking go_book.htm in the directory root, or go_bible.htm in "the_book" directory. Bookmark the start page to facilitate future access. The website opening page includes a download link and additional notes about the ZIP file.

Printing- Most browsers will allow printing of any page presently on-screen. From the top command bar, select "File", "Print". If your browser screen is presently divided into multiple windows (Frames), try right clicking on the Frame which you want to print. Then select "Print" from the pop-up menu. With some browsers, this will print the entire article in that frame. With other browsers, it will only print a 'screen shot' of what is presently in view. If that is the case, right click on the frame desired, select 'Properties' to identify the file name and path (ie., the URL to the file). Then enter that data in the URL window of your browser, to call up that individual file. With many browsers, you can adjust the print font size by adjusting the viewed 'text size' and/or by adjusting the page magnification in the 'print preview' mode.

Thou Sayest??- Do you wonder why we chose to use the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible in this publication? Here are a few reasons:

  1. The KJV is public domain. It may be distributed without royalty or copyright concerns.
  2. The KJV is a literal translation. It preserves the word order & idioms of the original language. While word pictures from another time & culture may at first confuse the modern reader, once they are understood they provide a depth of meaning which is often absent from interpretive translations.
  3. The KJV old english can be an aid to memory.
Further aids to understanding the language of the KJV Bible are readily available, such as:The following aids are included with 'The Book':

The Editor of these studies, David Wurm, graduated in 1971 from Philadelphia College of Bible, Phila., PA. Since then, most of his ministry has been in Alaska. For more than a decade, he served several small villages as a circuit riding pastor, traveling primarily by small aircraft. In recent years, he has been active in Bible preaching and teaching at churches in the Fairbanks area. (See contact information below.)

Copyright Notice: © David Wurm 1999-2021
All rights to the lessons and notes contained in this publication are reserved by the editor.

NOTE: Materials written by other authors are included by the copyright holders' express permission or are in the public domain due to their age. Inclusion of such copyrighted materials within "The Book from", does not convey license for distribution of these materials in any other context, neither does it void the rights of the copyright holders. Where applicable, contact information is provided for authors and publishers.

These studies have been produced with the desire that the Bible be clearly understood by as many people as possible. You may freely use, print, and distribute these materials, as long as you agree to the few limitations in the paragraphs above.

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