Sketches of the
New Testament books
Each 'sketch' provides a brief overview of one book of the New Testament.
These sketches are intended to supplement your reading of each book of the Bible (rather than as a substitute for reading the Bible text). Links within the sketch provide access to Bible text. In most cases, the text of the book under study will display in the lower left window, while supplemental references will display in the lower right window.
Each 'sketch' consists of a chapter from the book:
''Christ in All the Scriptures,'' by A.M. Hodgkin.
Each chapter focuses on a particular aspect of Christ's Person and work as it is seen in a specific book of the Bible.

Ninety percent of A.M.Hodgkin's volume deals with the Old Testament. At present, only the New Testament portion is included here. We hope to make the entire book available on this site, in the near future.

For more detailed discussion of individual books of the Bible, see the Book Notes (where they are included for the specific book).
Christ in All the Scriptures, by A.M. Hodgkin, was originally published in 1909.
It was reprinted, and copyrighted in 1989, by Barbour and Company, Inc.,
164 Mill Street, Westwood, NJ 07675, USA.
It is used here by permission of the publisher.

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