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Outline of Romans
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I. Greetings and Theme -
A. Greetings, Romans 1:1-7
B. Paul's interest, 1:8-15
C. Theme: The Righteousness of God, 1:16-17
II. Righteousness Needed -
Condemnation for Sin, 1:18-3:20
   A. The Condemnation of the Gentile, 1:18-32
1. The cause of condemnation:
      Willful ignorance, 1:18-23
2. The consequences of condemnation:
      Divine abandonment, 1:24-32
   B. The Condemnation of the Moralist, Rom 2:1-16
   C. The Condemnation of the Jew, 2:17-3:8
1. He did not keep the Law of God, 2:17-29
2. He did not believe the promises of God, Rom 3:1-8
   D. The Condemnation of All Men, 3:9-20
III. Righteousness Imputed -
Justification, Salvation, 3:21-5:21
   A. The Description of Righteousness, 3:21-31
   B. The Illustration of Righteousness, 4:1-25
Abraham's righteousness by faith...
1. was apart from works, Rom 4:1-8
2. was apart from circumcision, 4:9-12
3. was apart from the Law, 4:13-15
4. rested on God's promises, 4:16-25
   C. The Benefits & Assurance of Righteousness,
Rom 5:1-21
IV. Righteousness Imparted -
Sanctification, Separation, 6:1-8:39
   A. The Principles of Sanctification-
The Question of License, Rom 6:1-23
1. Shall we continue in sin? 6:1-14
2. Shall we continue to sin? 6:15-23
   B. The Practice of Sanctification-
The Question of Law, Rom 7:1-25
1. Is the believer under Law? 7:1-6
2. Is the Law evil? 7:7-12
3. Is the Law a cause of death? 7:13-14
4. Locked in a war of two Laws. 7:15-25
   C. The Power of Sanctification-
The Question of Living, Rom 8:1-39
1. Emancipated Living, 8:1-11
2. Exalted Living, 8:12-17
3. Expectant Living, 8:18-30
4. Exultant Living, 8:31-39
V. Righteousness Vindicated -
Dispensation, Sovereignty, 9:1-11:36
   A. Israel's Past- Election, Rom 9:1-29
1. Paul's sorrow, 9:1-5
2. God's sovereignty, 9:6-29
   B. Israel's Present- Rejection, 9:30-Rom 10:21
   C. Israel's Future- Salvation, Rom 11:1-36
1. Israel's rejection is partial, 11:1-10
2. Israel's rejection is for a purpose, 11:11-24
3. Israel's rejection is temporary, 11:25-32
4. God's wisdom is demonstrated in His dealings with Jew and Gentile, 11:33-36
VI. Righteousness Practiced -
Application, Service, 12:1-15:13
   A. In Relation to Ourselves, Rom 12:1,2
   B. In Relation to the Church, 12:3-8
   C. In Relation to Society, 12:9-21
   D. In Relation to Government, Rom 13:1-14
   E. In Relation to other Believers, 14:1-15:13
1. Do not judge one another, Rom 14:1-12
2. Do not hinder one another, 14:13-23
3. Do not please yourselves, Rom 15:1-13
VII. Personal Messages
and Conclusion, 15:14-16:27
A. Paul's Plans, 15:14-33
B. Paul's Personal Greetings, Rom 16:1-16
C. Paul's Closing Words, 16:17-27
[ This outline is adapted, with several changes, from:
''The Ryrie Study Bible'', Charles Caldwell Ryrie, Moody Press, 1978. ]
At several points in the study notes, the division titles differ somewhat from those above. These minor variations supplement one another. The outline above provides an excellent overview of Paul's letter to the Romans.
- - To facilitate following the flow of Paul's reasoning, you may wish to print a copy of this outline, for ready reference.

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