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The Voice of Wisdom - The Identification of Wisdom's Person

In the first half of Proverbs chapter 8, Wisdom personified makes her appeal to the simple. The voice of Wisdom speaks in stark contrast to that of the "strange woman," though both voices can be heard everywhere that men can be found (in the streets and places of commerce), and though they address the same men: those devoid of understanding. The strange woman seeks to deceive and seduce, and leads her followers to death and destruction. Wisdom seeks to expose the deceitfulness of wickedness, and leads to eternal life and lasting treasure of greater value than gold.

In the second half of Proverbs ch. 8, Wisdom is not only personified, but identified, for the characteristics of Wisdom are those of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is also known as "the Wisdom of God" (1Cor 1:23,24,30).

Characteristics of the Person of Wisdom:
  1. Wisdom is Eternal, Prov 8:22-26
  2. Wisdom is Essential to creation, 8:27-29
  3. Wisdom is Equal with God, 8:30,31
  4. Wisdom appeals to the Ears of men, 8:32,33
  5. Wisdom Elaborates its blessings, 8:34,35
  6. Wisdom Elaborates the End of those who refuse, 8:36
1. Wisdom is Eternal, 8:22-26 -
v.22 the beginning... before {ie., in antiquity prior to} his works of old...- Joh 1:1a
'beginning' {HB=reshiyth, first chief, (related to HB=ro'sh, head)} -
     refers to 'the first' in order of time and/or preeminence.
Before what "works of old"?
     v.22b-26 - Prior to the creation of the earth and all of its features and creatures.
v.23 ...I was set up {HB=nacak, poured out, anointed} from everlasting...
See how this word is used, in...
v.24-26 ...I was brought forth {HB=chuwl, whirling, dancing}...-
The Person of Wisdom was very active, prior to the first spark of the created universe.
'While as yet he had not made... the highest part {HB=ro'sh, the head, the first part}.'
2. Wisdom is Essential to creation, 8:27-29 -
I was there... [when the LORD...] Gen 1:1,2; Joh 1:1-3
  • prepared {HB=kuwn, established, made ready} the heavens
  • set a compass {ie., circle} upon the face of the depth -
    The depths of space are arranged in circles, galaxies rotate, planets rotate and travel in their appointed orbits around their sun. In the depths of matter there are electrons orbiting the nucleus of every atom. The Person of Wisdom was involved, when these things were set in motion.
  • established the clouds
  • strengthened the fountains
  • gave decree to the sea, Gen 1:9,10; Jer 5:22
  • appointed the foundations of the earth (Job 38:4 "Where wast thou, when...?)
3. Wisdom is Equal with God, 8:30,31 -
Then (ie., prior to the time of creation)...
I was by Him... - Joh 1:1,2
as one brought up {HB='aman, faithful, established, standing} with Him. (see Zech 13:7 "the man that is My fellow...")
I was daily His delight...
  • Mat 3:17 (this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased)
  • Col 1:13 ('His dear Son,' lit., 'the Son of His love') (also Col 1:14-19, the head, from the beginning, the creator, the image of God...)
  • Isa 42:1 (Behold my servant... in whom my soul delighteth...)
  • Joh 16:28 (I came forth from the Father...) delights were with the sons of men... - Psa 16:2,3
He came into the world to do the Father's will, on a mission of love to rescue mankind, and to join the saints (believers) to Himself. (Eph 5:25-27, as His bride, without spot...)
4. Wisdom appeals to the Ears of men, 8:32,33 -
- hearken, hear {HB=shama}
- blessed are they who keep {HB=shamar, observe, guard} my ways.
The way(s) of the Lord, which are from everlasting, have been made known to men by Wisdom personified (Joh 1:14,17,18).
- ...refuse {HB=para, loose, neglect} it not...- Heb 12:25
5. Wisdom Elaborates its blessings, 8:34,35 -
Blessed is the man - Blessing does not fall on all, but only to those who hear {HB=shama}.
that heareth me...-
  • watching {HB=shaqad, alert, awake}
  • waiting {HB=shamar, observe, guard, keep (as translated in v.32)}
    These words speak of eager anticipation and expectancy.
  • my gates... at my doors...- Rev 3:20
for whoso findeth me...
6. Wisdom Elaborates the End of those who refuse, 8:36 -
But whoso sinneth against {HB=chata', misses the way} me...
...wrongeth {HB=chamac, does violence to} his own soul
all they that hate me love death:
  • Joh 3:19,20 (' loved darkness...');
  • Joh 15:23,24 ('he that hateth me, hateth my Father also...')
    To reject this Person, who was with the Father from the beginning, is to reject eternal life (Joh 17:3-5).
  • Joh 3:31-36 - O Lord, Give the reader ears to hear your Wisdom, and a heart to believe and receive Him. Amen.

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