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The Prophecy of Obadiah -
The Judgment of Edom for their Hatred of Israel
I. The Doom of Edom Obad 1:1-9
A. Its Certainty, v.1-4
B. Its Completeness, v.5-9
II. The Denunciation of Edom, 1:10-14
A. For Unbrotherliness, v.10
B. For Aloofness, v.11-12..
C. For Agressiveness, v.13-14...
III. The Day of the LORD, 1:15-21
A. The Destruction of Israel's Enemies, v.15-16
B. The Deliverance of Israel, v.17-18
C. The Distribution of Israel's Possessions, v.19-20
D. The Dominion of the LORD's Kingdom, v.21
[Points I. and II. of the above outline are from the Ryrie Study Bible.]

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