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- Nahum -
The Judgment of Nineveh is a Comfort to Israel.
I. The LORD's Character (1:1-8) ch. 1
- Slow to Anger, Great in Power, Avenging His people.
II. The LORD's Verdict against Nineveh (1:9-15)
- a Comfort to His people.
III. The LORD's Action against Nineveh, ch. 2
1. Her Defence is Futile. 2:1,2
2. Her Destruction is Detailed 2:3-9
3. Her Desolation is Permanent 2:10-13
IV. The LORD's Judgment Vindicated, ch. 3
1. Her merciless Cruelties 3:1-3
2. Her multiplied Harlotries 3:4-7
3. Her mutual Fate, with a conquered Foe 3:8-17
4. Her immutable Ruin 3:18-19

[Elements of the above outline are borrowed from J.V.McGee.]

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