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- Micah -
Who Is Like the LORD?
Everyone should heed His Word!
1. Hear His Witness: Your Sin will be Judged
A. The Idolatry of Jacob will bring incurable Wound, 1:1-16
B. The Devisers of Iniquity will depart in utter Woe, 2:1-13
2. Hear His Justice: My Righteousness will Prevail
A. Israel will be Cast Down, due to Unjust Leaders, 3:1-12
B. Israel will be Exalted, in the Latter Days, 4:1-13
C. Israel will be Exalted, when the Eternal Judge Rules, 5:1-15
3. Hear His Prosecution: All Iniquity will be Banished
A. He Pleads with the Nation, 6:1-16 - 7:1-6
B. He Pleads for the Remnant, 7:7-20

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