The Gospel of Mark

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The Gospel of Mark -
Note: The Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) are very similar accounts. Most events are considered in the Book Notes on Matthew.
   Therefore, most of the commentary (in the Book Notes) on Mark and Luke considers passages which do not appear in Matthew.
See How to use the Book Notes on Mark & Luke.
Outline of Mark:
I. The manifestation of the Servant-Son, 1:1-11
II. The Servant-Son tested as to His fidelity, 1:12,13
III. The Servant-Son at work, 1:14- 13:37
IV. The Servant-Son "obedient unto death," 14:1- 15:47
V. The ministry of the risen Servant-Son. 16:1-20
His resurrection, commission, and ascension.

[Elements in the above outline were adapted from the Scofield Reference Bible, pub. 1917.]

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