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The Lamentations of Jeremiah
I. Jerusalem's Desolation due to her sin, ch. 1
A. Desolation described (v.1-11)
B. Desolation mourned (v.12-22)
II. The LORD's Actions against Jerusalem, ch. 2
A. a work of His Righteous Anger, v.1-10
B. a work of multiplied sorrows, v.11-19
III. A Man's Afflictions under God's wrath, ch. 3
A. A Man of Sorrows, v.1-18
B. A Man of Hope, v.19-40
C. A Man of Prayer, v.41-66
IV. The LORD's Judgment causes Reversals, ch. 4
A. of Conditions, v.1-11
B. of Confidences, v.12-20
C. of Conclusions, v.22-22
V. The Remnant's Prayer, ch. 5
A. for Remembrance, v.1-18
B. for Restoration, v.19-22

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