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- Jude -
- Contending for the Faith, in an age of Apostasy. -
Notes on Jude 1:1-25
I. Expectation of Believers - v.1,2
Greetings to those Beloved and Kept in Christ.
II. Exhortation to Believers - v.3,4
Contend for the Faith, against Apostasy.
III. Excoriation of Apostates...
A. Past Apostates - Reserved for Judgment, v.5-7
B. Present Corruption - Ripe for Judgment, v.8-10
C. Future Woe for the Ungodly - Realization of Judgment, v.11-16
IV. Exhortation to Believers -
Attend to the Faith...
A. Be mindful of prophetic warnings, v.17-19
B. Build yourselves in the Faith, v.20-23
V. Expectation of Believers - v.24,25
Praise to Him who is Able to Keep You.

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