Jeremiah 2:1- 3:5 - Outline of Jeremiah (Book Notes menu page)
The Lord's first message through Jeremiah:
The Word of the LORD came unto me... (2:1)-
The Lord pleads with Israel-
  1. His Unfaithful Wife- 2:1-8
    1. The tenderness of first love remembered, 2:1-3 (cp. Eze 16:8-15)
      "I remember thee... in the wilderness..."-
      • the Lord nourished and led His people (cp. Deu 2:7)
      • Israel was holiness unto the Lord - Ex 19:5,6
    2. Their turning away from Him, 2:4-8
      "What iniquity have you found in Me?" cp. Isa 5:4; Mic 6:3
      • You have forgotten Me, though I have blessed and established you in this land.
        (a plentiful land, cp. Num 14:7,8; Deu 8:7-10)
      • Your priests have forgotten Me, though they held my Word in their hand.
  2. The Unreasonableness of their Departure, 2:9-25
    1. They Exchanged... (2:9-13)
      • their Glory for that which did not profit (cp. Rom 1:21-24)
      • the Fountain of Living Waters for broken cisterns (cp. Psa 36:7-9, 1)
    2. They Enslaved themselves (2:14-20) in turning...
      1. to other nations and their gods.
        - You are oppressed by Assyria and Egypt. (Noph & Tahpanhes are cities of Egypt.)
        - You will drink from their rivers (as captives in those lands).
        • Sihor= a small river on the way to Egypt (Josh 13:3)
        • The river= the Euphrates, relating to both Assyria and Babylon.
        Haven't you brought this upon yourselves? cp. Deu 32:10-12, 15-20
      2. from the LORD who had set them free (2:20)
        - Your own wickedness shall correct {admonish} you.
        - Your own backslidings shall reprove {judge} you.
        - You will understand the consequences of forsaking the LORD thy God.
        • of old time thou hast said, I will not transgress (cp. Ex 19:8; 20:1-6)
        • yet, you waste no opportunity to prostrate yourselves to other gods.
  3. Their Evil Nature described (2:21-25):
    1. A degenerate vine (2:21) -
      Planted as a "choice vine of impeccable stock." cp. Isa 5:1,2
      Now, an alien vine (cp. Isa 1:21; 5:4; Deu 32:32,33)
    2. An unwashable stain (2:22,23) -
      • Though thou wash {by treading}... with nitre {soda, a foaming agent}... with much soap {lye} thine iniquity is marked {deeply stained} before Me. cp. Deu 32:34
      • How can you protest "I am not polluted."?
        The evidence is openly displayed in the valley. Jer 7:31,32
    3. A wild animal in heat (2:23-25) - without hope of self-restraint.
      • They could live well (shod and watered in the LORD's house), but in their hot pursuit of other lovers, they have forsaken the LORD (the Fountain of Living Waters, who had placed them in the place of prosperity).
  4. Their Unrepentant Pursuit of their own way (2:26-37)...
    1. Like a Thief (2:26-30) -
      • caught, but denying the consequences of their ways,
        They gave themselves to gods of their own making (a 'stock' is a block of wood). Idols are gods created in man's image. They depict the exaltation of the fleshly nature. Such gods require only what the flesh desires (eg., the almighty dollar, sensual pleasures...)
      • uncorrected by the Lord's chastening (2:30)
        and slaying the prophets that He sent to explain their troubles (cp. 2Chr 36:16).
      • yet expecting the One, whom they have forsaken, to deliver them from that trouble.
    2. Like an unfaithful Bride (2:31-37) -
      • spurning the love of the Husband who has covered her and provided for her,
        and yearning instead for other lovers... cp. Eze 16:9-22
        "We are lords..." ie., we are self-sufficient, without need of the Lord.
      • yet, denying any wrong doing...
        though her sin is obvious, and cannot be hidden (2:34)
        "the innocents..." ie., the children sacrificed to idols (in the valley of Tophet, 2:23)
      • She will soon be ashamed of the lovers in whom she placed her confidence.
        (ie., The surrounding nations will turn against Judah.)
        The northern kingdom of Israel had been carried into captivity by their former ally, Assyria.
        Likewise, Judah's present trust in Egypt was misplaced and would be a disappointment.
        Soon, Judah would 'go forth' in captivity and affliction, at the hand of her former lovers.
  5. Their Unheeding Response to God's Gracious Invitation 3:1-5 --
    • Though you have played the harlot, pursuing many lovers, polluting the land (3:1)...
      Yet return again to Me, saith the LORD.
    • Acknowledge your sin (3:2,3) -
      • its evidence is all around you.
        'The high places,' the worship centers, holy to man's religion, were polluted by the lusts of the flesh, in moral and spiritual adultery.
        You have sat for them, as the Arabian in the wilderness... (ie., as a harlot in the desert, waiting for her clients., eg., Gen 38:14,15)
      • its consequences are already afflicting you (3:3): no rain, cp. Lev 26:18-20
      • yet, in stubbornness (like a whore's forehead: hard and stubborn), you refuse correction and know no shame.
    • Cry unto Me (3:4-5)... - - The Lord even supplies them with words to pray!
      Yet, in stubbornness, they prefer their own words and ways.

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