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James -
I. The Testings of Faith (1:1- 2:26)
  1. The purpose of testings. 1:1-12
  2. Solicitation to do evil is not of God. 1:13-21
  3. The test of obedience. 1:22-25
  4. The test of true religion. 1:26-27
  5. The test of brotherly love. 2:1-13
  6. The test of good works. 2:14-20
  7. The illustration of Abraham. 2:21-26
II. A true faith will control the tongue. 3:1-18
III. The rebuke of worldliness. 4:1-17
IV. The rich warned. 5:1-6
V. Exhortations in view of the coming of the Lord. 5:7-20

[Elements in the above outline were adapted from the Scofield Reference Bible.]

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