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I. Judgment (poetry) ch, 1-35
A. Rebuke and Promise, 1:1-6:13
  1. Rebellion indicted for judgment, by Grace, 1:1-31
  2. Punishment for sin as preparation for glory, 2:1-4:6
    1. The Future Kingdom, the world in Peace, 2:1-5
    2. The Present sinful pride to bring ruin through Tribulation (2:6-27) and Captivity (3:1-26)
    3. The Branch in His future Kingdom, 4:1-6
    4. The Beloved's Vineyard to be laid waste through six Woes, 5:1-30
  3. The prophet cleansed and commissioned by God, 6:1-13
B. Immanuel, 7:1-12:6 [Prophecies of Deliverance]
  1. Immanuel rejected by worldly wisdom, 7:1-25
  2. Messianic deliverance foreshadowed, 8:1 - 9:7
  3. Boastful Samaria doomed to exile, 9:8 - 10:4
  4. World empire crushed; glorious empire to come. 10:5 - 12:6
    1. God's instrument of judgment to be judged in turn, 10:5-24
    2. The Messiah to restore and rule, 11:1-16
    3. Thanksgiving and triumph of Christ's redeemed, 12:1-6
C. Burdens of judgment upon the nations, 13:1-23:18
(Prophecy: Fulfilled in Near view; Pending in Far view.)
  1. Burden of Babylon; her fall, her king's descent, 13:1-14:27
  2. Burden of Philistia (Palestina), 14:28-32
  3. Burden of Moab, 15:1-16:14
  4. Burden of Damascus (and Samaria), 17:1- 18:7
    with 2 far reaching 'Woes'
  5. Burden of Egypt, 19:1-20:6
  6. Burden of the desert of the sea (Babylon), 21:1-10
  7. Burden of Edom, 21:11,12
  8. Burden of Arabia, 21:13-17
  9. Burden of the valley of Vision (Jerusalem), 22:1-25
  10. Burden of Tyre, 23:1-18
D. Tribulation and Kingdom Blessing, 24:1-27:13
(Isaiah's Apocalypse)
  1. Universal judgment upon universal sin, 24:1-23
  2. Praise to Jehovah as deliverer and comforter of Zion, 25:1-12
  3. Worship of converted Israel in the future day of consolation, 26:1-21
  4. Destruction of the oppressor and preservation of God's people, 27:1-13
E. Five 'Woes' upon unbelievers, 28:1-33:24
  1. The Proud Drunkards of Ephraim and the Scornful of Judah, 28:1-29
  2. The Hypocrites of Jerusalem (Ariel), 29:1-24
  3. The Obstinate Children of Israel...
    whose confidence is in a covenant with Egypt, 30:1-14 rather than in the God of Israel's Covenant, 30:15-33
  4. The Obstinate Children of Israel...
    whose confidence is in the armies of Egypt, rather than in the LORD of Hosts, who is Israel's true Defender, 31:1-9, King and Refuge, 32:1-20
  5. The Treacherous Spoilers of Israel, for Israel's King will come to restore them, 33:1-24
F. Vengeance and Blessing in the Day of the Lord...
  1. Vengeance: destruction of the nations at Armageddon, 34:1-17
  2. Blessing: restoration of the people and the Land of Israel, 35:1-10
II. Historic Interlude (prose), ch. 36-39
A. Destruction of Judah averted, ch. 36, 37
  1. King Hezekiah and the challenge to Jehovah by Assyrian world power, 36:1-22
  2. King Hezekiah's prayer, Jehovah's answer and judgment of the Assyrians, 37:1-38
B. Captivity of Judah foretold, ch. 38, 39
  1. King Hezekiah's sickness, prayer, and healing, 38:1-22
  2. King Hezekiah's foolish pride and God's prophetic rebuke, 39:1-8
III. Salvation (poetry), ch. 40-66
A. Peace assured through knowing the LORD God...
(The God of Peace), ch. 40-48
  1. Who Tends His Sheep and governs Creation, 40:1-31
  2. Who declares the end of His servant (Israel) from the beginning, 41:1-29
  3. Who sends His Servant (Messiah) to justify His blind servant, 42:1-25
  4. Who alone is Israel's Redeemer and Savior, 43:1-44:5
  5. Who calls Cyrus to free captive Israel, 44:6-45:25
  6. Who judges Babylon's crimes and false gods, 46:1-47:15
  7. Who restores Israel to declare Him as their Redeemer, 48:1-22
B. Salvation procured by the Suffering Servant
(The Prince of Peace), ch. 49-57
  1. The Holy One, Israel's Redeemer, is also the Salvation of the gentiles, 49:1-26
  2. The Redeemer is rejected by sinful men, 50:1-11
  3. The Redeemer is sure Redemption for the Remnant that trust in Him, 51:1-52:12
  4. The Price of Redemption, the substitionary sacrifice of the Suffering Servant, 52:13-53:12
  5. Results of Redemption for Israel and all who thirst, 54:1-56:8
  6. Condemnation of those who reject the Holy One, 56:9-57:21
C. Restoration secured through Israel's glorious King
(The King of Peace), ch. 58-66
  1. Israel's false worship contrasted with true worship, 58:1-14
  2. Israel's confession of sin, and the Redeemer's response, 59:1-21
  3. Israel's radiance and peace in the Light of the Redeemer, 60:1-22
  4. Israel's joy in the completed Gospel of the Anointed One, 61:1-11
  5. Israel's complete restoration; the Lord's complete destruction of her enemies, 62:1-63:6
  6. The Remnant's prayer, inspired by their Shepherd's intercession, for Divine intervention, 63:7-64:12
  7. The Lord's response to the Remnant's prayer, 65:1-25
  8. The Lord's declaration that He will bring His purposes to completion, 66:1-24

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