Editor's Foreward to Christ in All the Scriptures
This version of ''The Book'' includes two resources which provide very similar overviews of the Scriptures. They are --
  1. The Old Testament Presents... Reflections of Christ, by Paul R. Van Gorder.
    This publication may be accessed from --
    1. the Resource Menu where it is listed as ''OT Reflections of Christ'';
    2. the list of ''OT Books'' where its chapters form the ''Sketches'' of Old Testament books.
  2. Christ in All the Scriptures, by A.M. Hodgkin.
    This publication may be accessed from --
    1. the Resource Menu where it is listed by its full name;
    2. the list of ''NT Books'' where its closing chapters form the ''Sketches'' of New Testament books.
As mentioned, these publications are similar, in that they each provide relatively brief overviews of the individual books of the Bible, with an emphasis on the ''types'' (pictures) of Christ found in each book. However, these two publications are distinct in their approach and style, and they often provide unique insights.
If you are new to the Scriptures, you probably will benefit most by reading Paul Van Gorder's book first. But don't stop there. A.M. Hodgkin's book will richly reward the reader, who seeks to know the Lord. [The editor's Book Notes provide somewhat deeper verse by verse studies of many Bible books. These can be accessed from the Book Notes button, and also from the list of Bible books, using the 'Notes' links.]
The two publications, noted above, are used with the permission of the copyright holders.
We have reformatted the author's text into HTML, adding active links to all scripture references. While we have not edited the original textual content in any way, we have occasionally made corrections to typographical errors in the original (eg., spelling, misdesignated scripture references, etc.). In some places, we have added scripture references, and/or explanatory notes to support the author's discussion. Occasionally, in A.M. Hodgkin's work, archaic words have been updated. All such editorial changes from the original are shown in brackets [like this]. The frequent updating of archaic spelling, in A.M. Hodgkin's work, is not bracketed.

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