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Key & Guide to Notes
- 2Timothy -
The Man of God: Prepared for the Master's Use
I. Salutation 1:1-2
II. A Call to Stand with Christ's Faithful Servants 1:3-18
A. The unfeigned Faith of Timothy's heritage, 1:3-7
B. The unashamed Suffering of one fully persuaded, 1:8-12
C. The unwavering Allegiance to the Word and its messenger, 1:13-18
III. The Characteristics of a Faithful Servant 2:1-26
A. A Son - endowed and endowing, with Grace, 2:1-2
B. A Soldier - enduring hardship, unentangled with the world, 2:3-4
C. An Athlete - engaged in the race, but not disqualified, 2:5
D. A Farmer - laboring to exhaustion in expectation of fruit, 2:6-13
E. A Workman - endorsed by God to handle His Word, 2:14-19
F. A Vessel - purified and prepared for the Master's use, 2:20-22
G. A Servant - humbly presenting his Master's Word, 2:23-26
IV. A Caution to a Faithful Servant concerning Changing Times 3:1-17
A. The Perilous times of Apostasy foretold, 3:1-9
B. The Provision of continuance in God's Word, 3:10-17
C. The Charge to continue Preaching the Word,
     even when men refuse to hear it, 4:1-5
V. The Comfort of a Faithful Servant in his Faithful Lord 4:6-22
A. Facing death, assured of His Appearing, 4:6-8
B. Forsaken, assured of His Presence, 4:9-18
C. Friends, commended to His Grace, 4:19-22

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