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2Thessalonians -
The Return of Christ, to Avenge His Own.
I. Persecution of Believers Now...     1:1-12
    Judgment of Unbelievers at Christ's Coming.
  1. Introduction, v.1-2
  2. Paul's prayer, for the persecuted church.
    1. Thanksgiving for their growth and endurance, v.3-5
    2. (Explanation of God's righteous judgment, v.6-10)
    3. Petition for enabling to fulfill their calling, v.11,12
II. Program of Events,
    relative to Christ's Coming. 2:1-12
  1. The Rapture of Believers, v.1
  2. The Day of the LORD, v.2-5
    1. Will be Preceded by Apostasy,
    2. Will Reveal the Man of Lawlessness.
  3. The Mystery of Lawlessness... v.6-8
    1. Is already Active today,
    2. Will be Revealed when the Restrainer is taken out of the way.
  4. The unrestrained Lawless One... v.9-12
    1. Will be Empowered by Satan.
    2. Will Deceive all who Reject the Truth.
III. Preparation of Believers,
    in view of Christ's Coming. 2:13- 3:18
  1. Established in the Word, 2:13-17
  2. Established in their Walk, 3:1-5
  3. Established in their Work, 3:6-15
  4. Conclusion & Salutation, 3:16-18

[Elements of the above outline were adapted from JVMcGee.]

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