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- 1John -
   - The Fellowship of God and His Children.-
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I. God is Light (1:5), 1:1- 2:2
  1. His Manifestation in Human Form, 1:1-2
  2. His Invitation to Joyful Fellowship, 1:3,4
  3. His Children enjoy Fellowship with God...
    1. By Walking in the Light, 1:5-7
    2. By Confession of Sin, 1:8-10
    3. By the Advocacy of Christ, 2:1,2
II. God is Love (4:8,16), 2:3- 4:21
    Therefore, God's Children...
  1. Love their Brothers, 2:3-11
    (The Old & New Command)
  2. Love Not the World, 2:12-17
    (It is incompatible with Love for God.)
  3. Love the Truth, 2:18-28
    (Antichrists deny Jesus is the Christ.)
  4. Love Righteousness, 2:29- 3:1-10
    (The purifying hope of God's sons)
  5. Love One Another, 3:11-18
    (Not in word only, but in deed and in truth)
  6. Love, producing Confident Hearts, 3:19-24
    (and Assurance in Prayer)
  7. Love the Spirit of Truth, 4:1-10
    (The spirit of antichrist denies that Jesus Christ came in flesh.)
  8. Love those whom God Loves, 4:11-21
    (A demonstration of God's Spirit within His children.)
III. God is Life (5:12,20), 5:1-21
   Therefore, God's Children...
  1. Receive His Life through New Birth, 5:1
  2. Reveal His Life...
    1. by Loving His Children, 5:2-3
    2. by Overcoming the World, 5:4-6a
    3. by Believing His Witness, 5:6b-10
  3. Rest in His Life...
    1. Possessing Eternal Life in His Son, 5:11-13
    2. Praying Confidently according to His Will, 5:14-16
    3. Preserving Fidelity to the True God, 5:17-21

[The three main points, in the above outline, are based on three statements about the nature of God, as stated in 1John (see the verses in parenthesis at each point). This outline was adapted from JVMcGee.]

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